A Need To Grieve: Demolition

Demolition finds its director returning to the penetrating character focus of his last film, Wild, now turning to the successful company man in a metropolitan law firm who has recently suffered the loss of his wife whilst enduring the same car accident. While Wild was a trek to reanalyse and cleanse the corrupted soul, Demolition […]

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The Better Life: Rosita

I have seen the tragic conditions of my country, to see mothers desperately slaving themselves for their children to ensure them a better life, but many of these cases remain homebound in the harsh climate of Philippines and thus they endure through a life that is worse than what their own parents had endured. Those […]

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A Quirky Misfire: Maggie’s Plan

There are many that live their lives with deep precision, meticulous planning along the way that ensures that it leads to a desired result. These individuals seem to disregard the concept of destiny as the concept of an unforeseeable force that aligns their lives into place is baffling and uncomfortably confronting. Rebecca Miller is a […]

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A Calming Horizon: Certain Women

Certain Women is a film that feels assured of itself, composed of three stories that involve three women, whose stories are interlocked indirectly but handled in a manner that requires each one to be treated as small tale of their own, each section having their own journey. With such a mode of storytelling, Reichardt shows […]

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